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Offer and Acceptance

We will contact the real estate agent for a copy of the Offer and Acceptance contract once we have received notification from yourself that you wish for us to act on your behalf. Should it be a private dealing you will need to provide us with a copy of the Offer & Acceptance Contract as soon as possible. We will ensure details on the contract are correct (ie Land description) before inputting this into our system. 

As there are documents during the Settlement process that must contain original signatures, it is really important that you advise this office if you are going away or change your contact details during the Settlement process.

Settlement Documentation

Within two to three weeks we will begin to prepare and distribute our settlement documentation. This includes an Appointment to Act and  initial Settlement Statement which will show amounts payable by you in respect of settlement fees and other disbursements.

Verification of Identity

As a part of the settlement process we are required to identify all sellers registered on the Certificate of Title. We will post you documentation to attend an Australian Post outlet or alternatively we can make an appointment for you to be identified at our office. If you wish to come into the office we request you make an appointment prior to coming so we can ensure a conveyancer will be available to see you.
Please ensure that you have the correct forms of identification and that it is all current and not expired. For more information on this process please use the "Verification of Identity" tab on the left.

Discharge of Mortgage

You will need to contact your bank or financial institution as soon as possible and take whatever action is necessary to make sure that they are ready with the documents to discharge the mortgage. In most cases, you will be required to sign an "Authority to Discharge" form which you should attend to as soon as possible to avoid delay. We also request you provide a signed copy of the banks Discharge Form to this office as this helps us to liaise with the bank during the settlement process.  

Special Conditions 

If there are any special conditions on the Offer and Acceptance contract which you as the vendor are required to satisfy, please arrange to take whatever steps necessary to make sure that they satisfied by the date required in the contract.  

Transfer of Land

We will forward the Transfer of Land document to you for signing once it has been signed by the buyer. This document must be original signatures and witnessed by an individual who is an Australian Citizen over the age of 18 and is not a party to the contract. In some instances we may arrange for you to sign this document prior to the buyer signing (ie if you are going away or if the buyer is away until close to the settlement date) 

Settlement Day

On settlement day we meet with banks and any other parties or representatives involved to exchange monies and lodge all necessary documentation with the appropriate departments. Once settlement has been effected we will notify yourself as well as the real estate agent. 

Moving Out

Please make sure that any access keys or devices are handed to the real estate agent. If the property is your place of residence you are entitled to occupy until 12.00 noon the day following settlement. If the property is sold with vacant possession to the buyer and there are person/s other than yourself occupying the property, please ensure that they are aware of the time and date of settlement as they will need to have fully vacated the property by that time.